Backgammon Handicrafts Sanandaj

Shabab Kurdestani Joinery is proud with a century experience and knowledge that have a legacy that caused to introduce our city by it. And that legacy is Sanandaj backgammon. We are Shabab Kurdestani family who we’ve inherited from our grandfathers Eghbal shabab Kurdestani and we’re continuing his way. Our grandfather ( Eghbal Shabab Kurdestani) was one of the most famous backgammon maker in Sanandaj who his handmades had global reputation. It’s our pleasure that send backgammon to universal of the world and have customers from East Asia till south Africa, Canada and United State America and serve them.
The manner of Shabab Kurdstani joinery in producing princely backgammon is excellent. The backgammons which are artwork and if even put it in the corner of reception room with an ajar position is not less than a drawing. And will absorb the eyes of each viewers.
kaveh shabab
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I hope having a good buying.
To have more information call the numbers below.

kaveh shabab kurdestani: 0098-901 261 0094

hamid shabab kurdestani: 0098-918 873 0507